Hey folks, Nave here from the MK wiki. Chat doesn't work on any wiki I have gone to; sadface. Looking into solving the problem.

ANYWAY! I've been studying various fighting universes lately. Street Fighter, Tekken, SNK's games, Virtua Fighter, all that jazz. Here's my list of characters for an MKvsSF game. I narrowed it down to a perfect 30 on each side. Extra characters or hidden characters not included. I tended to pick the most popular characters from Street Fighter 2 and 4, and one extra who fits in very nicely from a SF side game. For MK, I went with the main cast of characters from MK1-3 with a few others here and there.

Feel free to use this as a reference for anything you feel like.


Bo' Rai Cho gets in as an equal fat guy for E. Honda

Smoke can be either a human or a cyborg

Garuda is a demon who can make spikes come out of his body. He is pretty badass. Evidence here:

Mike Hagger, Cody and Guy get in because Final Fight is awesome. Poison is a maybe, I'd have added her were it not for the 30/30 equality.

I added Skarlet and Kenshi because of their MK9 DLC status.

Gouken, Dee Jay and Dudley are SF characters I would consider removing for more popular ones. Though I do like Dee Jay. It occurs to me I forgot to add Ibuki. She's also a posibility.

Might add more notes later or just respond to points in the comments.

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