• DBZGUY x3

    Mortal Kombat Street Fighter
    Liu Kang Ryu
    Scorpion Akuma
    Kung Lao Ken
    Kitana Chun-Li
    Mokap Dan
    Li Mei Sakura
    Jax Guile
    Kintaro Mike Haggar
    Goro Zangief
    Reptile Adon
    Moloch Blanka
    Shao Kahn M. Bison
    Zombie Liu Kang Evil Ryu
    Kobra Allen Snider
    Noob Cody
    Sub-Zero Guy
    Kurtis Charlie
    Quan Chi Dhalsim
    Ferra and Torr Poison and Hugo
    Kenshi Abel
    Motaro Sagat
    Shang Tsung F.A.N.G
    Nightwolf T. Hawk
    Kano Balrog
    Sonya Cammy
    Raiden Gouken
    Baraka Vega
    Mileena Juri
    Johnny Cage Fei Long
    Bo' Rai Cho Rufus
    Shinnok Seth
    Sheeva R. Mika
    Sindel Rose
    Ermac Oro
    Frost Maki
    Ashrah C. Viper
    Kung Jin Sean
    Cyrax Dee Jay
    Taven Yun
    Daegon Yang
    Kotal Kahn Necalli
    Nitara Karin
    Blaze Gill
    Darrius Rolento
    Sektor Twelve
    Shujinko Gen
    Quan Chi Dhalsim Read more >
  • Mortal kombat freak531


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  • Koldoom42

    Tiger or Lion?

    August 31, 2011 by Koldoom42

    just a blog

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  • NaveNinja

    Hey folks, Nave here from the MK wiki. Chat doesn't work on any wiki I have gone to; sadface. Looking into solving the problem.

    ANYWAY! I've been studying various fighting universes lately. Street Fighter, Tekken, SNK's games, Virtua Fighter, all that jazz. Here's my list of characters for an MKvsSF game. I narrowed it down to a perfect 30 on each side. Extra characters or hidden characters not included. I tended to pick the most popular characters from Street Fighter 2 and 4, and one extra who fits in very nicely from a SF side game. For MK, I went with the main cast of characters from MK1-3 with a few others here and there.

    Feel free to use this as a reference for anything you feel like. Notes:

    Bo' Rai Cho gets in as an equal fat guy for E.…

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  • Ermacpunk15


    August 23, 2011 by Ermacpunk15

    Quick blog, nothing special. If you know a user on another wiki, please inform them of this one! we need as many users as we can get! So spread the word and eat pizza!

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  • Defqon 1

    Who will win?

    August 23, 2011 by Defqon 1

    the two games are well known but in your opinion who do you think will win and why do you think so

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  • Emperor Scorpion

    Welcome to my wiki and i would like to thank all who helped.

    Give your opinion(s) on the wiki below!

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  • GunBlazer

    And Here I am!

    August 23, 2011 by GunBlazer

    Had Emperor told me the address earlier, I would have come XD

    Alright jokes aside, I'm glad I could finally reach here.

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